Monday, 27 September 2010

Influences: William Eggleston

Woman on Swing, Late 1960s

The first photographer that I'd like to talk about is William Eggleston. Born and raised in Tenessee, Eggleston developed as an artist outside of the mainstream, resulting in a vision that is utterly unique. In the 1960s, when Eggleston began taking photographs, black and white photography was the accepted standard for fine art, while colour printing remained as a solely commercial process. When Eggleston's first major exhibition, "Color Photographs" debuted in New York's MOMA gallery in 1976, it ushered colour photography into a new era, one in which it was accepted as a legitimate medium in which to make fine art prints. Eggleston's work gloried in the richness and sensuality that the colour process afforded, and showcased an America that up until that point had not been noticed, at least not in 'high' culture.

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Work: Dustin Hoffman

A straightforward portrait piece of Dustin Hoffman. A bit different from some of the other, similar portraits that I've worked on because of the tighter framing, a deliberate effort to make the finished piecemore intimate.

New Work: Thank You

A couple of weeks ago I worked on this artwork for Presbyterian Record. I really enjoyed this one, as it gave me a chance to be really decorative and whimsical with different colours and patterns, and I think I've ended up with a good piece for the portfolio that looks a bit different from the stuff I normally do.