Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Work: Yale Alumni Magazine

This is my favourite of a series of illustrations that I produced for an issue of Yale Alumni Magazine that confronted the very difficult issue of sexual assaults on campus, and how the university was facilitating justice for the victims. As you can imagine, coming up with illustrations for a topic as serious as this was no easy task, so myself and the art director Mark Zurolo decided to focus on the idea of communication breakdown as a way into the piece.

New Work: Middlebury Magazine

This is one of a series of illustrations that I worked on for Middlebury Magazine - a new client for me I'm pleased to say. The story was about the very strange practice of banishment in the Maldives, and how it can break up families. Thanks to Pamela Fogg for the art direction.

New Work: Presbyterian Record

This is an illustration I completed a few weeks back for one of my regular clients: Presbyterian Record in Canada. I really like working on these as the stories from the particular column that I illustrate almost always have some really interesting human angle to them, which can make a change from the financial/political stories that I often work on.

Thanks, as always, to the excellent Caroline Bishop.