Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Easter

Better late than never. Happy Easter to one and all!

New Work: Ohio University Alumni Mag

Really enjoyed working on another series of images last month, this time for Ohio University's Alumni magazine. The story was a sort of collection of thoughts by various teachers, and in this particular piece I was referencing a story about a lecture that included reference to an aquatic ape. Great art direction from Sarah McDowell

New Work: Therapy Today

Three new pieces that were commissioned for a single issue of Therapy Today - really fun to work on a series like this, and the creative process was handled really well. I tried to use the hot pink colour to tie all the images together, and also to work with the bright yellow colour that is used throughout the magazine. You can read an interview about the series here 

Monday, 22 October 2012

New work: Clark Alumni Magazine

This was an interesting commission from Clark Alumni Magazine. The image above was a full page opener for a story about Clark alumni around the world and the impact that they're having on the production, preparation and philosophy of food.

New Work: Institutional Investor

Two full pagers that I worked on recently for II. Once again thanks to Diana Panfil for the art direction.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New(ish) Work: Aviva

This is an artwork I actually produced last summer for Aviva's recruitment campaign. Seems like it may be used again this year, hence it appearing on the old blogzilla now.

New work: Institutional Investor

For a story about how the fat cats are biting back.

New work: Strategy + Business

This piece was for a story about fast food restaurants in the US, and in the end the logos on the cups had to be changed to be much less recognisable, but this was the original (and in my opinion, better) artwork

New work: Presbyterian Record

A cow elk and a horse, naturally...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

For my lovely wife on Mother's Day - a drawing of our little beauty xo

New Work: Presbyterian Record

I'm very fortunate to work on an illo every month for Presbyterian Record in Canada, art directed by Caroline Bishop. This month was a sort of collage of a number of images (inspired by a reasonably light-hearted piece about mortality and the unpredictable causes of death), and although I'm happy with the final piece, I think the bear and the horse work better on their own.

New Work: Ohio Today

Just thought I'd share a couple of illustrations that I was commissioned to work on back in January for Ohio Today - the piece was about the history of Ohio University, so the brief involved illustrating various things that had resonance at OU and adding a vintage vibe to the whole thing.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Work: Bloomberg Businessweek - cover story

I was really thrilled to be asked by Bloomberg Businessweek to produce the cover art for a story that they were running about Las Vegas real estate fraud. This was a really fun image to work on, and I think the type treatment on the final cover is brave and playful and just what art direction should be. The issue is out now in the UK, so look out for it in the next few days. Thanks to the talented Richard Turley for his art direction.

New work: The Economist

This is the first time I've worked for The Economist, and it was a nice opportunity to come up with a series of images that dealt with a tricky theme. The story was about the confusion in contemporary american politics about the founding fathers' stance on religion, and how it should affect political discourse. It was tough to come up with ideas that addressed the controversy, without taking a side one way or the other, but in the end I'm fairly happy with the results. My only regret is that the third image, of the church and the White House, doesn't sit particularly well with the other two.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Work: Financial Times

This was a great chance to play around with pattern and colour, and will be published this friday (tomorrow) in the FT. It's to accompany a nice piece by Andrew Stourton about his love affair with books, and his mixed feelings on the advent of e-books. Thanks to Kevin Wilson for the art direction.

New Work: Presbyterian Record

Got a nice brief in this week from Presbyterian Record. It's always nice to get the chance to draw a coyote, and even nicer to draw four, howling at a 'super moon'. Thanks as always to Caroline Bishop

Friday, 30 September 2011

Jack's Paper Moon

I thought it was about time I posted a link to the blog that my wife has been lovingly working on for the past few weeks. Called 'Jack's Paper Moon', it's a showcase for the stunning photographs that she takes - mostly of our equally stunning little boy Jack. She works hard to make her photographs unique, with a tactile, hand-made quality; I for one find them beautiful and inspiring. Well done my love!

Find the blog here: jackspapermoon.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Work: Yale Alumni Magazine

This is my favourite of a series of illustrations that I produced for an issue of Yale Alumni Magazine that confronted the very difficult issue of sexual assaults on campus, and how the university was facilitating justice for the victims. As you can imagine, coming up with illustrations for a topic as serious as this was no easy task, so myself and the art director Mark Zurolo decided to focus on the idea of communication breakdown as a way into the piece.

New Work: Middlebury Magazine

This is one of a series of illustrations that I worked on for Middlebury Magazine - a new client for me I'm pleased to say. The story was about the very strange practice of banishment in the Maldives, and how it can break up families. Thanks to Pamela Fogg for the art direction.

New Work: Presbyterian Record

This is an illustration I completed a few weeks back for one of my regular clients: Presbyterian Record in Canada. I really like working on these as the stories from the particular column that I illustrate almost always have some really interesting human angle to them, which can make a change from the financial/political stories that I often work on.

Thanks, as always, to the excellent Caroline Bishop.