Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Work: Financial Times

 Another job in from Kevin Wilson at the FT, and a really nice opportunity to do something a bit tongue in cheek in anticipation of Kate and Wills' big day. The story was all about social mobility in the UK, using Kate Middleton's rise from coal miner's great-great-granddaughter to (perhaps) the future Queen as a light-hearted example. This was in tuesday's paper.

New Work: Personal Work

This was an experimental piece I worked on a couple of months back, that started from a sketch of a model's face that I then enjoyed embelishing with some Givenchy jewellery and a Karen Millen dress. Over the past couple of years I've developed an interest in drawing clothes and fashion, and I really wanted to push it with this piece into something that had real attitude and verve.

New Work: InvestHedge

This was a nice job that came in from a client that I'd never worked with before - InvestHedge Magazine -  for a cover story about how adaptability is the most important survival skill for investment managers. The client specifically asked for a Darwinian link.

New Work: New York Times

This is one of a series of eight illustrations that I did for the back page of a recent edition of The New York Times. The piece was all about the historic significance of Westminster Abbey as a site for Royal Weddings, presumably part of the preamble to the upcoming wedding of Wills and Kate. Thanks to Alexandra Zsigmond for the art direction. Oh, and in case you're not sure it's a portrait of Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) and George VI.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Work: Strategy + Business

Quite pleased with how this one turned out, for a piece on Identity Economics. Thanks to Jessie Clear for the art direction and Garden State for it's only memorable moment.