Monday, 22 October 2012

New work: Clark Alumni Magazine

This was an interesting commission from Clark Alumni Magazine. The image above was a full page opener for a story about Clark alumni around the world and the impact that they're having on the production, preparation and philosophy of food.

New Work: Institutional Investor

Two full pagers that I worked on recently for II. Once again thanks to Diana Panfil for the art direction.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New(ish) Work: Aviva

This is an artwork I actually produced last summer for Aviva's recruitment campaign. Seems like it may be used again this year, hence it appearing on the old blogzilla now.

New work: Institutional Investor

For a story about how the fat cats are biting back.

New work: Strategy + Business

This piece was for a story about fast food restaurants in the US, and in the end the logos on the cups had to be changed to be much less recognisable, but this was the original (and in my opinion, better) artwork

New work: Presbyterian Record

A cow elk and a horse, naturally...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

For my lovely wife on Mother's Day - a drawing of our little beauty xo

New Work: Presbyterian Record

I'm very fortunate to work on an illo every month for Presbyterian Record in Canada, art directed by Caroline Bishop. This month was a sort of collage of a number of images (inspired by a reasonably light-hearted piece about mortality and the unpredictable causes of death), and although I'm happy with the final piece, I think the bear and the horse work better on their own.

New Work: Ohio Today

Just thought I'd share a couple of illustrations that I was commissioned to work on back in January for Ohio Today - the piece was about the history of Ohio University, so the brief involved illustrating various things that had resonance at OU and adding a vintage vibe to the whole thing.