Thursday, 14 May 2009


I've finally finished this image that I've been working on for ages, and that I previewed previously with the image of Travis Bickle on a dodgem. Anyway, here it is in it's final incarnation, featuring a final tally 0f 50 movie references. The movies included were chosen for a number of reasons:

1) They had to be Movies that I genuinely liked (otherwise, how could I 'heart' them?).
2) The characters included had to be visually striking/unique in some way or another, because as much as anything this poster is a celebration of the visual richness of cinema.
3) They had to be mainstream enough not to alienate or confuse the viewer - I want people to see this image and immediately start recognising its occupants - it's supposed to be fun after all!

Anyway, I've had fun working on it, and hopefully it'll be a worthwhile addition to my portfolio. I've posted up a few details of the image as well, as when it's printed it comes out at about 40cm x 40cm.


Michael Johnston said...

This is a breath taking piece of work, your work continues to inspire me! There is just so much to observe in this piece, truley amazing!!

Pennywise the clown on the other hand.....not a fan, bad childhood memories, lol

Barry Falls said...

Cheers Michael - thanks for your comments. I think we all have terrifying memories of Pennywise!