Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Work: Personal Work

 A new piece of personal work - notable I suppose for a new approach to creating the background, which I wanted to be a bit more offbeat and less predictable than a simple pattern or block colour. Also, the browline glasses are a nod to Mad Men and an aesthetic that passed us by here in NI but that I like very much.


Matthew Richardson said...

Nice one Barry! Looking good. Hey, belated congratulations on the off-spring! P'raps we''ll catch up at Heart again this summer. Matthew (Richardson)

straykat said...

Brilliant. This is a great design. Thanks for sharing.

Barry Falls said...

Thanks Straykat, much appreciated

And thanks to you too Matthew - we're dead chuffed with the little'un. Perhaps he'll make it over to the Heart bash so we can perform some sort of illustration baptism ritual on him! Had a look at your latest work there - looking fantastic as always. Great work on the V&A stuff - what a commission!