Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

For my lovely wife on Mother's Day - a drawing of our little beauty xo


Scott Garrett said...

Hey Barry

Good to find you had a blog! That's a really lovely drawing, i wish i could do hair like that!
It also tells me how long it's been since i saw you at a heart event... a lot's happened in your life then hey!!

Have a great Mother's Day together. I'm off to hang with mine now too.

Barry Falls said...

Hey Scott - cheers for checking in. I'm not what you'd call a dedicated blogger so the updates can be a bit few and far between - I'm inspired after having a look at your blog though, makes me realise I should be trying more stuff. LOVE the pencilly pictures you've just put up there, really nice. Hopefully we'll make it to the heart event this year (if there is one) - in the meantime lots of love to all the Garrets!